Our name really defines us quite well.

The band was created by Harkaitz Martínez de San Vicente and Igor Otxoa in 1997 and since then they have not stopped exploring and spreading the possibilities offered by this instrument, experimenting both with its musicality and construction materials (from the original wood to stone, tiles, bamboo… even ice!), enjoying and letting others enjoy this wonderful instrument.

As for the history of the band, today Oreka TX incorporates the txalaparta players, Harkaitz Martínez de San Vicente and Mikel Ugarte, together with Mixel Ducau, Iñigo Eguia and Juan Jose Ochandorena.

They have presented their work in all five continents, conquering public and specialised critics, thanks to the instrument’s appearance and the band’s energy.

In addition to research, Oreka TX likes to mix with other artists, genres and projects. Proof of this is the amount and variety of collaborations they have done. Big names as Phil Cunningan, Ara Malikian, Manu Dibango, Aziza Brahim, Motoko Hirayama, Silvia Iriondo, Carlos Nuñez, Rai National Synphony Orchestra, Hakon Kornstad and more and more, that you can listen to in our ‘Collaborations’ section.

In addition to musical fusion, they also enjoy experimenting and creating shows with other artistic disciplines, such as dance, circus, audiovisuals, rural sports or other elements that inspire them to come up with imaginative universes.

Above all collaborations, awards or recognitions, for Oreka TX the greatest pleasure is to share its passion for the txalaparta and the universe of Basque culture with the world.