Oreka TX... Customized

Do you want to organize a special event? Share your idea with us and we will make a proposal adapted to your needs.

Oreka TX can propose multiple formats and types of shows. We will propose an event according to your objectives, type of audience and available space.

You can choose between a show created especially for you or a selection of our most successful projects:

The txalaparta players of Oreka TX

Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente & Mikel Ugarte

The technical skills and sensitivity of our txalapartari couple allow them to adapt to shows of all kinds; from a solo performance, to an event shared with artists of all kinds. We can assure you that a performance of our txalapartaris with their wooden and stone instruments will surprise and excite your audience.

  • Do you want to propose us a collaboration with your band?
  • Do you need a soundtrack for your  audiovisual production?
  • Organize an original reception for your guests?

Tell us what you need and we will make a suitable proposal.

Oreka TX band

It is the most usual format of Oreka Tx … it is not by chance

The band is formed by the following musicians:

  • Harkaitz Mtz. de San Vicente and Mikel Ugarte: wooden and stone txalaparta.
  • Mixel Ducau: saxophone, alboka and bamboo clarinet
  • Iñigo Egia: world percussion.
  • Juanjo Otxandorena: Buzuki

Txalaparta hurbiletik (Workshop)

If you want to know or spread the txalaparta, enjoy the musical creation, or simply, live a unique experience, we give you the possibility of organizing a txalaparta workshop adapted to different types of public before or after our performance.

360º proposal: Txalap.ART

In order to respond to the concerns of Oreka TX beyond purely musical, Igor Otxoa and Harkaitz Martinez created the production company Txalap.ART. This project has made it possible to take care of the integral production of all kind of shows and festivals, always taking creativity as a center.

If you intend to organize an event, at Txalap.art we can advise you and provide ideas, logistics, production and any other type of service related to your event. Get in touch with us and we will help you present your idea as it really deserves.

If you would like to host an event…

Txalap.art can help you develop your idea in any field related to production, such us design or logistics. Contact us and we will provide you with all that is necessary.